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Cooking Class

Culinary Classes

Our culinary classes are perfect for you - whether you are a pro in the kitchen or a total newbie.

What's involved in a culinary class?

Our culinary classes are simple: we want to teach you how to shop for local produce, learn what ingredients are seasonally available, and introduce you to basic recipes that can be manipulated easily depending on the ingredients available.

Class sizes can vary from as few as 8 students to as many as 15, depending on the size of the hosting venue. If you are interested in learning about a specific topic, we recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible because seating is limited and our classes fill fast.

Our classes are about 2 hours long. We start with introductions, nutritional information, chef demos, hands-on preparation, and then sit down and eat together.

What kinds of things can I learn about?

Some classes are focused on basic skills such as knife work and learning techniques to prepare and serve foods in a visually appealing way while others are more advanced, such as learning to roll sushi and cooking with chemistry (such as using citric acid to make ceviche).

To date, we have done classes using seasonal vegetables to make a tomato sauce that could be used as marinara or a base for chili (we made personal pizzas), using local seafood and shrimp to make sushi and ceviche, soups, stews, and learning how to grow and use microgreens. Recipes from previous classes are available here in our Recipe Archive. 

How do I sign up?

To see what kinds of classes we have coming up, check our Calendar of Events or purchase your tickets now!

If you have suggestions for class topics or are interested in volunteering your time as a culinary instructor, contact Chef Caroline Dominguez.

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