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NC Special Registration Plate

This year, we're also starting a sign-up list of people who would be interested in a specialized North Carolina license plate to benefit Carteret Local Food Network and help support our mission of connecting our local consumers with our local community farmers. 

The costs of the specialized plates will be $10.00 per plate (in addition to the cost of registration) with 100% of that amount going directly to support food access within our county.

We need 500 signatures and fees prior to submission to the North Carolina General Assembly to be eligible to create our specialized plate. You are able to sign up to add your name to our list and remit your $10 payment here.


Should we be unable to get our plate approved by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for any reason, fees will be refunded. 


Here's the rough draft. But you can't have this one. It's reserved for Chef Caroline.

NC Specialized Plate Request Form
Plate is $10 in addition to NC state registration fee. You can pay the $10 now.


Thanks for your support!

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