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Sushi Rice Recipe

by Bryan Sekine from SecretsofSushi.com

1 cup of cooked rice makes approximately 3 rolls



Short grain rice

Rice cooker

Measuring cup (larger than 1 cup)

Large bowl or tray

Large bamboo (or wooden) spoon

Kitchen sink


  1. Wash your rice

    1. Turn on your sink and fill the bowl with cold water until the water covers the rice by at least 1″ or more.

    2. With your fingers spread apart, swish your hand around the rice in a circular motion until the water turns cloudy.

    3. Then, gently pour out the water without letting any of your rice go down the drain.

    4. Repeat the above steps until you have done the whole process at least 3 times (if you are making more than 3 cups, do at least one rinse per cup of rice). The more you wash your rice, the better!

  2. Cook your rice

  3. After your rice has finished cooking, it’s time to pull it out and let it cool down.

    1. While the rice is cooling, it’s time to make the “su”.

  4. Dump the rice into your container and bring all of the rice to one side.

  5. Add su to your rice.

    1. 2 Tbsp per 1 cup of rice (measured before you cooked the rice).

  6. Mix the rice with the su several times, making sure that every grain of rice is covered.

    1. This can be easily seen, as the rice breaks up from the clumps.

  7. Allow the rice to cool, until you can barely feel any heat coming off the rice

    1. If you use the back of your hand, you will be able to feel the heat more accurately.

  8. Occasionally flip the rice, don’t mix it, until the rice is no longer giving off heat.

  9. Once you have flipped your rice 3-4 times, your rice should be ready to use!