Carteret Local Food Network's Veggie Van Program

If you are able, please consider a donation to help us implement this new program!


UPDATE: Thanks in part to COVID-19 and community need, we are implementing a version of our Veggie Van program now. Currently, Chef Caroline is operating our Veggie Van and making twice weekly deliveries from our local farmers to local markets. If you are a farmer and would like assistance getting your products to local markets or you are an individual who orders from local farmers and would be able to pick up your previously ordered items at a local market, please reach out to Chef Caroline or give us a call and let her know how we can help you. At this time, we are unable to do small individual deliveries or set up our mobile market, but please know that we see the need for it and are working to get these services implemented as well. Thank you for both your patience and your support.

-The CLFN Team

We currently deliver to:

The Market at Cedar Point in Cedar Point

Island Produce in Atlantic Beach

Friendly Market in Morehead City

Coastal Community Market in Beaufort

One of our goals for 2020 is to implement a Veggie Van Program within Carteret County to help achieve our mission of increasing food access within our community.

This “Veggie Van” program will allow us to provide low-wealth communities with access to healthy, fresh food at reasonable prices while creating new markets for local small- to mid-sized farmers.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate food access to provide fresh, local produce to underserved populations seeking to bridge the gap left by minimal resources in our rural area.

Our approach to facilitating food access will reach underserved populations that may be homebound or have difficulty with transportation by taking the initiative to bring farms and local markets to them at little or no cost to the individual.

Our target populations are low-income, minority or elderly communities, all of whom may have difficulty with personal transportation due to the ruralness of our area and lack of public transportation options. Focus group participant discussions touched on key economic stressors in Carteret County: the lack of industry in the community and the need for more variety in employment opportunities, health insurance costs, and not being able to afford healthy foods

From Chef Caroline Dominguez, Farm & Food Director, CLFN-    
"Drawing from my experience as a Chef and a mother of two, I find it only natural to have the urge to feed those in need. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and I have witnessed a great deal of misuse of resources and food waste. 

I am a motivated initiative-taker familiar with the implementation and execution of programs such as recycling, composting, farming, gardening, and advocacy collaborations. I am confident that my talents and passions for contributing to the community’s access to local healthy foods and nurturing ideas from seed are a perfect match for this program. I will bring an extensive range of skills to this project through our non-profit, Carteret Local Food Network, such as knowledge of in-season produce availability, coordination of efforts between local farmers and consumers, and experience in teaching individuals about nutrition, food preparation, and meal planning.

Through my desire to volunteer and serve others in the community, focusing on food access and equality, education and nutrition, and other culinary programs, I look forward to having the ability to reach others within our county and help supply the farm-fresh produce that may be otherwise unattainable."

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