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“Fresh Local Food” and “Sustainable Local Food Systems” are all important phrases to many folks in our country these days. And great things are happening, not only in big cities and trendy food meccas like NC’s Piedmont, but right here in Carteret County.


Carteret Local Food Network exists to help you connect with locally grown and locally produced foods. Food that doesn’t travel thousands of miles is harvested fresher, more nutritious, and even better, often tastes much better!

We continue to find ways to share information and news about community food projects and sources of fresh local food. 


Cooperative Extension helps you learn how to grow and cook your own fruits and vegetables; the Master Gardeners have four demonstration gardens (two specialize in home vegetable gardens).


Several markets offer seasonal foods for you to buy what you can’t/ won’t grow.

Here in Carteret County, there are many activities that we should all support and assist:


Carteret Catch assists local fishing families market their products; find local retailers and restaurants serving their fish at www.carteretcatch.org.

As a new growing season approaches, the CLFN salutes all North Carolina growers, gardeners, fishermen, educators, chefs, entrepreneurs, volunteers and others who bring good fresh food to our tables; and we look forward to a bountiful season ahead.


Let’s include helping school children and young adults who participate in FFA and 4-H, and encourage farmers to grow more sustainably to minimize our impact on our environment and improve the quality of comestibles for us consumers.

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