Our History

Carteret Local Food Network (CLFN) was formed in 2008 to help build momentum and spread the word about what's happening locally so interested citizens like yourself can find ways to increase their access to locally farmed foods and make choices that support our local farming families. We all make choices shopping for many products - Fair and Local are great words to remember when buying groceries for your families. Our local farming families work very hard to bring you nutritious, seasonal produce picked at the peak of ripeness instead of optimal shipping sturdiness.
We need to support their work by choosing to shop differently.
Better to deconstruct our name backward:
Network - a group of people who help each other through their connections and the people they know
Food - we pay attention here to 'human' food, nutrition, and edibles for humans, whether eaten in a restaurant or your home kitchen, grown in your backyard or your friendly farmer's, caught on your boat or your friendly fisherman's
Local - at the most minute level = your own backyard, then expanding to your town, then to your county, then to your state, then to your nation. We know we don't grow coffee beans nor vineyard grapes around here, so we're not going extreme locavore!
Carteret - our beautiful county by the sea.  One definition of local, but only one of many!