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Farm-to-Table Dinners

Farm-to-Table Dinners will continue in 2024,
but with a twist...

We will plan and host up to 50 patrons again
for a potluck, accepting your donations at the door.
Hopefully, we'll make enough to cover our cost of proteins for dinner, and the profit will be shared between CLFN and the charity-du-jour.

Sound fun? We think so too!
Stay tuned!

We look forward to what y'all might bring to the dinner - just make it local!
Like candied carrots, or a tomato pie, or smoked bluefish, or sweet potato mousse, or strawberry shortcake, or roasted parsnips, or zucchini bread, or muscadine wine, or hot pepper horseradish chili sauce with peeled shrimp!
I'm getting hungry !!!
First Dinner : May 5!  Cinco de Mayo!    

location - TBD

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