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Farm-to-Table Dinners

At Carteret Local Food Network, we are committed to promoting the importance of supporting local farmers and agriculture. Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between farmers and consumers in Carteret County by offering opportunities for community members to experience and learn about the process of growing and producing food. We believe that by offering a platform for consumers to see, taste, smell, hear, and touch where their food comes from, we can create a more sustainable and healthy local food system.

Our Farm-to-Table dinners are a unique culinary experience that takes place at a local farm, where guests can enjoy a meal made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The focus of the event is on showcasing the connection between the farmers, the land, and the food on their plates. The farmers, chefs, and guests share a meal together, and the evening typically includes a tour of the farm to learn about the farming practices, the history of the land, and the specific crops being grown. The dinner menu is usually tailored to feature seasonal ingredients that are at their peak flavor, and the meal is prepared using traditional cooking methods to showcase the natural flavors of the food. The atmosphere is relaxed and communal, with an emphasis on building relationships between the farmers, chefs, and guests. Farm-to-table dinners provide a unique opportunity for consumers to connect with their local food system and learn about the hard work that goes into producing the food they eat.

Please see our events schedule to learn when and where our next Farm-to-Table dinner will be.

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