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Vacationer Supported Agriculture (VSA)

Vacationing at our beaches?

Grab a local farmer VSA bag and eat locally while you're here!

What is a VSA?

Vacationer Supported Agriculture (VSA) is a project led by NC State’s P1tLab and NC State Extension (Local Foods, Community Development, and Tourism Extension) aiming to connect small farmers with new opportunities to increase farm revenue through direct sale of fresh produce. VSA meets discerning vacationers’ desire to: a) have convenient access to fresh local produce, b) connect with the place they are visiting by buying from local farms and
farm-to-table restaurants, and c) leave positive impacts on the destinations they visit by coordinating the sale and delivery of produce bags from local farmers. VSA enables vacation home realties to showcase their commitment to the sustainable and equitable development of their local communities by recommending the produce bags to their guests. In each county, the Extension Office and Tourism Authority play a critical role in recruiting and supporting local farmer groups and vacation home rentals, and in turn they receive records of the impact this initiative had on farmer revenue and destination competitiveness.

What's in the bag?

Contents of the bags will vary weekly, depending on seasonality and availability from our farmers. We will select quantities of available produce to fill your bag just for you from a selection of our local farmers. Found an item you're not sure what it is? Check out our Veggie Library. Not sure what to do with it? Check out our Recipe Archive!

How much comes in a bag?

Each box should contain enough produce for a family of four to have at least three side dish meals or snacks. 

Can I order more than one bag for a week?

Sure! Just change your bag quantity when ordering.

Can I add on items?

Absolutely! When ordering, you can add fresh local shrimp or eggs!

Order your Vacationer Supported Agriculture Bags here:

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