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On the Road to Healthy Eating

Marty Wall became interested in health and medicinal herbs while attending Appalachian State University in the 1980s. After graduation, he was pulled further in that direction by an offer to manage a health food store. Before buying Coastal Community Market in Beaufort, Marty and his wife Deetra Thompson co-directed an herbal education program and purchased a health food store in Eden, NC, where they currently operate. When they heard that Coastal Community Market was available, they were immediately interested, but the logistics of running two stores 250 miles apart were difficult. Fortunately, Marty’s sister Lisa Colwell was interested and lived in the area.

Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food.”

The trio bought the business in 2016; the original owner began the business in 2001. During

the month of October, Coastal Community Market celebrated its twentieth anniversary by having weekly gift basket drawings and giveaways, as well as special sales, as a way of expressing love and gratitude to their customers. Colwell says, “It’s both exciting and daunting to reach this milestone!” Colwell is a relative newcomer and knows that her success rests on the shoulders of the former owners, who had such a passion for Coastal Community Market; as well as the expertise and support she receives from her co-owners. Marty and Deetra bring 55 years of experience to the store, in the health food store business and related fields such as running an herb school; herbal photography; and working for a company that made tofu, tempeh, and soy milk.

Eating local is so important for both your health and the economy. Some of the local fares of fresh foods come from local farmers such as Harlowe Custom Microgreens, The Farm at Bogue,

offers options such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, probiotics, organic teas and coffees,

herbs and spices, and even sea vegetables! You will also find earth-friendly cleaning products

and candles. Vitamins, herbs, herbal remedies, and homeopathic and skincare can be found

as well. Eating healthy has lots of benefits such as improved mood and mental health,

increased energy levels, reduced stress, weight control, better sleep, clearer skin, and can

help with the prevention of diseases. Here at the coast we can enjoy those sea vegetables

that support bone tissue, balances blood sugar, and much more. Seaweed is packed with

nutrients and rich in iodine, too.

Coastal Community Market is unique with its hands-on customer service and the best in local, natural, and organic/non-GMO products. Their favorite part of what they do is helping people as they take pride in carrying the best products and keep up on the best information to empower people to live healthy lives. Marty, Deetra, and Lisa love helping people discover how much power they can have over their own health.

There are no diets that will do what eating healthy does. Skip the diet and just eat healthily.

Coastal Community Market is once again participating in the Coastal Carolina Riverwatch’s

Eco Gift Guide for Christmas! It’s a great way for Coastal Community Market to support a great

organization whose mission is so important to coastal communities. To find information or to

order gifts, visit the 2021 Eco-Gift Guide.

Rebecca Jones is a contract writer for the Carteret News-Times and a member of the Carteret Local Food Network blog writing team. She was born and raised in the Piedmont Triad area where she spent most of her life. She has two grown children and 6 grandchildren. Writing has always been a part of her life and she believes that it is a way to showcase and bring awareness to events that affect your community. In April of 2018, Rebecca and her husband George moved to Beaufort, NC. Her most recent two books, Love Brings You Home (about Hurricane Florence) and Go Deep (a devotional with photos), are sold locally and on Amazon.

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