Veggie Van Local Farmer CSA Boxes

CSA season deliveries will begin and be available for pickup starting Tuesday, May 4th!

Check our delivery schedule and pickup locations options here. Want to request other pickup locations or need to contact us? Give us a call or send Chef Caroline a direct email.

Orders received prior to 11:59PM on Saturday will be delivered the following Tuesday.

What is a Veggie Van CSA Box?

Carteret Local Food Network is working to help our local farmers and our community as much as possible. With this goal in mind, we are offering a collection of fresh local produce brought closer to you and available for pickup in one of several convenient locations throughout the county.

Our CSA boxes are a little different: instead of ordering a box from a single farmer, CLFN focuses on the smaller farms by offering a box that is an assortment of items from multiple farmers. We don't want to compete with our farms that already offer CSAs - instead, we want to help the farmers who cannot yet independently sustain the challenges of keeping up with the quantity demands that can come with CSAs and still allow them to sell their produce to our community in a way that might be more manageable on a smaller scale. Each box will vary weekly based on what our local farmers are harvesting that week. It's a surprise for you and your family! 

What's in the box?

Contents of the boxes will vary weekly, depending on seasonality and availability from our farmers. We will select quantities of available produce to fill your box just for you from a selection of our local farmers. Found an item you're not sure what it is? Check out our Veggie Library. Not sure what to do with it? Check out our Recipe Archive!

How much comes in a box?

Each box should contain enough produce for a family of four to have at least three side dish meals or snacks. 

Can I order more than one box for a week?

Sure! Just change your box quantity when ordering and select your subscription length.

Can I make requests for items?

You can make requests for future boxes. Please let us know in advance of any food allergies. At this time, items are produce only (no proteins) but may change in the future. While we will take requests into consideration, we are limited by items in seasons and quantities that our farmers have or are able to produce. If there is something that you would like included in our CSA boxes, please let us know and we will make every attempt to locate and include those items in future boxes.

How can I help?

Helping is easy! Order a box for yourself, a family member, or a friend.


By ordering a Veggie Van CSA Box, you are not only providing fresh, locally grown, and harvested produce for your family, you are helping to support all of our community farmers and their families at the same time.

Want to volunteer to help gather produce, make the boxes, or help deliver? Sign up here!