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From our Business Director - 

My name is Stacy Macklin and I am the Business Director for Carteret Local Food Network. As the new business director, I have lofty goals for what I believe our nonprofit can accomplish in our community and to do this, I am looking to raise funds to help us implement several new projects that CLFN is undertaking as well as to help maintain and grow some of our existing programs. 

One of the innovative programs we have in the works is a “Veggie Van” for the local Carteret county area. This “Veggie Van” program will allow us to provide low-wealth communities with access to healthy, fresh food at reasonable prices while creating new markets for local small- to mid-sized farmers. Funds will be used to purchase a cargo van to facilitate food access to provide fresh, local produce to under-served populations, seeking to bridge the gap left by minimal resources in our more rural areas.

We are also offering 11 different culinary classes this year that focus on the use of farmer's seasonal local foods: teaching simple recipes and skills, identifying nutritional value and benefits for a healthy lifestyle with the goal of connecting our local farmers with those in our community who are not familiar with farmers' markets and fresh produce while simultaneously educating our local consumers. Our culinary class program is designed to instill more confidence in participants in their cooking abilities and nutritional choices, learn new methods and skills in cooking, where to get the freshest foods and healthiest recipes to use, and introduce participants to local foods to support our local farmers.

In addition, Carteret County is now LIVE on the Visit NC Farms mobile app! The Visit NC Farms App connects the dots in communities across North Carolina. Using cell phone GPS technology, residents and visitors can find farms closest to them with products and activities that interest them. Visitors can use the app to explore farms, farmers markets and local restaurants that are off the beaten path and unique to each community. There are significant social, economic, and environmental benefits to promoting agritourism in our community. It is the perfect way to educate people about our community. You can go to Visit NC Farms to learn more about this exciting new mobile app.

I am asking for your support. A small donation of any amount can help us offer more unique or frequent culinary classes, aid us in the purchase and up-fit of our Veggie Van, assist with purchasing from local farmers for our farm to table dinners, help us maintain our new Visit NC Farms mobile app, and spread the word about the importance of eating seasonally and locally.


Your donation will go toward the program of your choice, if specified.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to us to have your support. 

Here are the ways you can donate: 

•    Donate online through Network for Good
•    Fill out our Sponsorship Request Form 
•    Contact Me directly​

Thank you again! 


Stacy Z. Macklin


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