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Building a robust and resilient food system in Carteret County

community relationships

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between local farmers and local consumers.

Welcome to Carteret Local Food Network!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes a more resilient and equitable food system in Carteret County, North Carolina by strengthening the relationship between local farms and consumers. 


Our work is rooted in the belief that everyone in the community should know and support their local farmers and have access to healthy and sustainable food options, regardless of their income or background. 

At Carteret Local Food Network, we believe in the power of community and local agriculture to create a more equitable and sustainable food system for all. We are committed to working with our partners and supporters to build a stronger, more resilient food system in Carteret County and beyond.

On our webpage, you will find more information about our mission, our programs, and how you can get involved in our efforts to create a more equitable and sustainable food system.


Our Mobile Market

Carteret Local Food Network's Mobile Market provides local communities with access to fresh, healthy, and locally grown food at reasonable prices. The program supports local economic growth and sustainable agriculture while promoting a more resilient and equitable food system in the region.


Farm-to-Table Dinners

CLFN's Farm-to-Table dinners feature locally grown and prepared meals, providing a unique dining experience that connects consumers with the farmers and producers responsible for the food on their plates. These events help to strengthen the relationship between our local farmers and the community while supporting local businesses.


The CSA program provides an opportunity for individuals and families to directly support local farmers by purchasing a share of their upcoming harvest. This program not only helps to ensure a consistent supply of fresh, locally grown produce throughout the growing season, but also provides farmers with the financial security to plan and invest in their operations.


Other Events

We also host educational classes and crop mobs that provide the community with the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture and local food systems while also supporting local farmers. These events are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and gain hands-on experience in local and sustainable agriculture.

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