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Welcome to Carteret Local Food Network 

The mission of CLFN is to strengthen the connection between local Carteret consumers and local Carteret farmers.

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We didn't really want to take the time to redesign a website, but ya' do what ya' have to, right?

When purchasing directly from the farmer, you to have the chance to ask questions about their growing practices and philosophies, to get to know the farmer and their families, and select your family’s food deliberately.

Ask questions of the fishermen and learn about their craft and techniques, where they fish or 'farm from the sea'.  Learn about your family's food!


Everyone has the chance to 'vote with their fork' three times a day and spend their food dollars in a way that aligns with their beliefs.  Looking for organic? How about sustainable?  What do these terms mean to you and your family? Explore some options from our friends who bring their labor to your shopping cart.  It's time to shop deliberately!