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Farm to Table Hub

Part of the growing network of Carteret Local Food Network

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What is it?

Farm to Table Hub is a brand-new online community forum that connects local consumers to local growers. Farmers, community members, restaurants, and fresh produce stores can get together virtually and discuss their needs with the goal of networking and strengthening the bonds between our farmers and our community. Basically, we want to be the for producers and consumers in Carteret County.

Who is it for?

The hub is for anyone who wants to network and connect with our local farmers, food service industries, and locally Carteret County grown/raised/caught/made foods. Farmers may want to post items they have an excess of or advise the community that their U-Pick fields are getting ready to open. Restaurants may want to discuss menu items that they would prefer to source locally. CSAs may want to source additional items for their boxes or let others know that they are available. Restaurants could make a wish list of items that they would prefer to source locally and speak with multiple farmers at once to ensure that their commercial needs are met.

But what does it do?

The short answer: Whatever you need for it to do. Carteret Local Food Network would like to take advantage of our unique situation to help connect even more consumers, growers, and farmers in our county. Our goal is to continually facilitate networking and opportunities for our producers. Because Farm to Table Hub is so new, we have room to grow. Check it out, post, communicate, socialize, and offer feedback about other things it would be useful to you to have available via the virtual Hub. 

How do I use it?

First things first! Check out the Hub. When you're ready, sign up and start posting! We have five categories pre-set (Produce Available, Looking to Buy, Meet & Greet, Food Hub information, and Feedback/Suggestions) but we can always add more if needed. Once you've signed up, you can see information about other members (including contact info!), read and post on the forums, and even download the Wix app on your mobile phone so that you never miss a post when someone responds to you. 

Neat! How do I check it out?

We're so glad you asked! Check out the Farm to Table Hub at See you there!

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