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Farms, Food, and Friends Dinner held on August 26, 2018

An excited and gracious crowd enjoyed all the beauty of North Carolina Coastal Federation’s “Earthwise Farm” in Ocean, NC , ending the evening with the harvest of fresh peanuts for all to see and learn more about.  It was another “sold out” dinner as our capacity is limited.  Thank you for your support!

Chef Charles Park of CCC & “Beaufort Grocery” and Chef Orlando Loiercio of “Venice Italian Kitchen” created the best and tastiest foods possible for our end of summer fare including Duck Ragout, pickled okra salad, roasted beet and carrot rice, Eggplant Parmesan, pear cobbler and more!

We strive to offer fresh local foods that are grown and harvested “in season” for this area.

The Farms, Food, and Friends Dinner was provided by these farms- Shenk Family Farm- Pasture Raised Pekin Duck; Honeybee Hynes- local honey; Underground Farm & Learning Center- eggplant, okra, onions, peppers, pears, tomatoes & herbs; Friendly Market- carrots & beets.

You support our local food movement, you seek out local farmers and fishermen and respect their work to provide our mutual community with their valuable product, you realize that changing the mindset of a community often begins with our children and grandchildren, and you enjoy farm tours which introduce newcomers to become new thinkers and new eaters.

Our last dinner date for this year will be Oct. 28 and held at Underground Farm & Learning Center.

“Local and delicious- best combination!” 

 From Carteret Local Food Network

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