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Thank You Carteret Farmers!

A group gathered of Carteret County Farmers for a special dinner of appreciation sponsored by Carteret Local Food Network and NC Farm Bureau on Feb. 5.   We cannot thank them enough for the business they are in to provide local fresh foods for us all to eat.  These farmers represented produce and meat growers from traditional methods to organic.  We thank “Celebration Cottage” for hosting us along with Denise Greer and Caroline Dominguez for their outstanding culinary talents.  We also thank NC Farm Bureau for a donation to help support this “Farmer Appreciation Dinner”.  Farms that were represented were Garner Farms, JW Merrell Farm, Shenk Family Farm, Long Leaf Farm, The Barnyard, Two Bees Farm, Honey Bee Hynes and Randy Gray Farm.   Their produce and meats can be found at local farmers’ markets, Coastal Community Market, The Market in Cedar Point and local farm stands.  Please remember to support our local farmers as you buy your foods for your family! Fresh is best! Local is even better! T

Garner Farms

Two Bees Farm

Long Leaf Farm, The Barnyard and Randy Gray Farm

CLFN Kitchen Crew!

Honey Bee Hynes Farm

Thank you Chefs, Kitchen Crew, but most of all- Carteret County Farmers!!

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