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Tiller School Teaching Garden

Tiller teacher Annie Burbridge reached out to CLFN in spring 2018 to ask for help building new raised beds for her students to learn science and math and language skills while discovering soil and root interaction, measuring harvest quantities, and writing reports.  Carteret Local Food Network helped to coordinate the donation of lumber and materials from Safrit’s Building Supply, soil and compost from Sunshine Garden Center, and labor from CLFN volunteers and Tiller School staff, parents and students. The original galvanized tubs were repurposed on property after the school undertook a major drainage project over the summer and the raised beds were built and installed just in time for Hurricane Florence. But obviously these kids (and leaders) have a green thumb and appear well on their way to learning about locally grown, well-cared-for, delicious vegetables. CLFN is proud to help launch the next generation of savvy eaters, garden growers and produce shoppers!

These are not the only Carteret kids growing veggies at their school! Show us more pictures of your kids and their school gardening projects!

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